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Type of Move

Medical/Lab Relocation

The Challenge

With the University of the District of Columbia’s medical lab relocation coming up, the move company they originally partnered with didn’t seem experienced enough to safely move their special equipment. As a current working and student-training medical lab, especially for covid specific patients, the upmost experts were needed to perform their relocation.  With feelings of unease, one of their other vendors recommended Office Movers Express as the more appropriate choice. Specialty items including infant incubators, digital microscopes with cameras, fume hoods, ventilators, mannequins, subzero freezers, lab glassware, hospital beds and other associated items. All this equipment was not only expensive but highly fragile and some hazardous requiring great care during transport.


The Solution 

With decades of experience in moving lab equipment and chemicals, OMX performed a site visit to survey their needs. Having moved a similar lab at Howard University, the lab director and head doctor confidently backed OMX for the job. OMX got to work and packed all items and equipment with antistatic bubble wrap and transported in an air-ride truck to ensure little to no movement of the items during transport. There was a specialty trained crew who only handled the chemicals, packed them individually in non-flammable materials with security seals and transported them separately. The movers were masked, gloved, and wore protective clothing during the whole process to ensure their safety. They even created a dedicated path in and out of the building to prevent run-ins or cross contamination within the building. In addition to the lab move, OMX was also responsible for relocating 30 workstations and disassembled 18 hospital beds to move to an additional location.



UDC expressed their gratitude to OMX saying they brought the expertise and peace of mind to an otherwise unusually complicated move. The OMX project manager was an incredible support to their team and provided thorough communication from initial site visit to the end of their move. Nothing was damaged during the whole process, and they plan to use OMX again being pleased with the customer service and detailed proposal.




Customer Reviews

Office Movers Express

Customer Reviews

Trinna S. September 2022

Stinson LLP
"Mary Anne and the OMX team's customer service are top notch! They were very professional and courteous. I'll be reaching out on our next move."

Kristen E. September 2022

Property Management Account Services
"Tim and his team went above and beyond to help move furniture and assist with office layout configurations when we ran into the unexpected. It was a super long day and OMX was very professional and helpful."

Diana H. August 2022

Freedom Home Care
"Thank you for taking care of our relocation. It was the best moving experience I've ever had. Hakeem and the team did a great job."

Ashley V. August 2022

"The movers were fast, nice and professional. OMX is super customer oriented and the communication is great."

Mike P. August 2022

BTW Images
"The move experience was fantastic and the movers were very helpful with getting everything set up in our new space. Thank you for being flexible with our tight timeline."

Jane K. August 2022

Porter Hayden
"We truly appreciate the professionalism involved and have recommended your services to another tenant in our building. Very good overall experience."

Celine P. August 2022

Lumina Foundation
"Our move went well. Your crew was very helpful, efficient and friendly. A pleasure to work with. Thank you for your flexibility."

Jeff W. July 2022

Wadsworth Financial Consulting
"I just got back from a week vacation and walked into my new office that was set up by your team at Office Movers Express. Everything looks incredible and my team said that your crew did an amazing job! All I’ve heard is that your team was extremely professional, hard-working, organized, and efficient."

Judy D. July 2022

Competitive Power Ventures
"The team you sent took great care of us! Our building can be difficult to navigate with the loading dock/security desk and your team was extremely patient with the process. Once onsite they were very courteous, professional and handled everything with great care."

Stefanie S. June 2022

U.S. Department of Education
"The move went seamlessly! The coordination, move and payment process was very simple and efficiently done."