Is Your Office Mover Wired Up?

There are several factors to consider when hiring a moving company for a complex law firm move–an intricate knowledge of the industry, the ability to respond quickly to requests and the flexibility to adjust throughout the move. But equally important to a successful move is having the technology in place to ensure these things, in addition to clear and consistent communication throughout the process.  


When considering an office mover, take into account the technical sophistication of their operation and if they have the tools and capabilities needed to meet the complex needs of your firm.  

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Making The Right Technology Investments

Technology has been improving and supplementing the moving process for years, but most movers invest primarily in technology that helps them more than the client. This includes software to better estimate moving time, the people needed, costs involved, and other factors that make the moving company more efficient.  


Where many companies lag is in providing technology solutions designed to help the client. For example, inventory systems to manage the warehouse and ensure all items are tagged, tracked, and constantly managed before, during, and after the move. The client cares most about ensuring their move is accurate in terms of the parameters set at the start of the process. These include factors like the timing of the move, the schedule of individual tasks, and the ability to get all items where they belong in time to open on Monday morning. Clients want to feel good that they’re being taken care of and that their move is a high priority.  


OMX invests heavily in systems designed to do this, ensuring we’re constantly prioritizing our customers’ needs, their schedule, and their specific requests into a single platform. 

What Effective Moving Technology Looks Like

OMX utilizes a number of technology tools to ensure the accuracy of our moves and provide peace of mind to each of our clients. These include:


  • Passive Tracking Devices – Items are tagged with passive tracking chips to show where they are throughout the moving process, from pre-move to transport, storage, and destination. We’re working towards a GPS future to be able to show exactly where an item is at all times.  
  • Instantaneous Communication – We’ve invested heavily in tools and hardware that allow us to communicate as quickly and clearly with clients as possible. Gaps in communication can create issues during a move. We work tirelessly to eliminate as new technologies become available.  
  • Eliminating Surprise – Because we have tools in place to track our trucks and people at all times, we know where everything is and can ensure there are no surprises. If a truck is stuck in traffic, we know and can communicate that in advance of a delivery being late. Because we can react in real-time, we greatly reduce the impact of unexpected issues during a move.  
  • Tablet-Based On-Site Inventory Management – Our inventory management system allows us to capture information, pictures, and notes about all items as they are tagged and loaded onto trucks. We can automate the number of truckloads, man-hours needed, and volume based on the information input into the system, ensuring more accurate quotes of both cost and time and reducing moving day surprises.  
  • Operations and Planning Platform – Our operations platform is designed to support rapid dispatch, plan adjustments, and scheduling to maximize efficiency and ensure every move has all of the people needed to get the job done right. This reduces friction for billing and client inquiries and keeps us focused on what matters most – a fast and efficient move.  

The Future of Technology in Moving 

OMX is always researching and evaluating new technology resources we can implement in our processes. When new platforms launch, we evaluate how they might help us do a better job for our clients. We’re looking forward to future technology innovations including: 


  • Communication Upgrades – Cell phones don’t work in every building and walkie technology is outdated and inconsistent. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve communication and ensure there are no gaps between our movers or our company and the client. Future implementation of video tools and the widespread adoption of 5G will help make clear, consistent communication a reality at all times.  
  • Augmented Reality – We’re already experimenting with how augmented reality can help us implement better virtual walkthroughs for our clients. Allowing us to calculate the size and dimensions of an object ahead of a move means more accurate estimates, more support for layout planning, and more information before the move starts.  
  • Accuracy in Calculations – Almost all move companies currently use averages to calculate the weight and size of objects in a move. We’re working with technology vendors to improve our estimation abilities and implement a more accurate, streamlined process for calculating truckloads for a trip.  

The OMX Advantage

Technology is the lifeblood of our industry. OMX understands this and invests heavily in new platforms, hardware, and tools to help our movers perform their job as efficiently and effectively as possible.  


Learn more about the OMX advantage and how our commitment to exceptional quality service for law firms throughout the region makes us a leading office mover. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming move.  

Learn how you can ensure a timely weekend office move in our OMX white paper:
Ensuring A Timely Weekend Move For An AM100 Law Firm

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Customer Reviews

Office Movers Express

Customer Reviews

Kay K. December 2021

Barbara Bush Foundation
"I wanted to thank you for sending a great group of men to move us – they were wonderful!"

George B. December 2021

Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris Ledva & Meyers
"I wanted to compliment the crew that you sent to handle our move. The project manager, supervisor and the entire crew did a great job. They were all a pleasure to work with. The team leads kept us informed during the entire process. Every single member of the crew was very respectful, courteous and polite throughout the move. The group worked extremely well with each other and us to address the few curveballs that the space threw at us as far as getting things to fit in some tight areas. Requests to move certain items after they had already been set in place were happily accommodated without any reluctance. The entire crew should be commended."

Mary H. December 2021

American College Health Association
"I can’t say enough about how wonderful the team from OMX was to work with. Every single person involved in the move was helpful, professional, kind, and patient – even when I didn’t have answers to questions that I should have. There were many times throughout our three days together that frustration could have taken over, but the OMX team was always calm and willing to troubleshoot a solution to an unexpected challenge. This is our second move with OMX and I wouldn’t want to do another move without them. A big thank you to your wonderful crew – they’re the best!"

Michael B. November 2021

Law Offices of Brown & Brown
"Everything went great. My coworkers and I were very impressed with the speed, efficiency, and care that was shown by the OMX moving crew."

Midhat P. September 2021

District Capital Partners
"Our move yesterday was great! I don’t think many people can say that about a move but the guys were efficient, communicative, polite, and all around awesome. I really appreciate you making this a smooth process."

Jonathan A. September 2021

"Thank you very much for the great service your team provided. We were changing plans and re-thinking things and your team helped us find solutions. Looking forward to working with you again!"

Tom K. September 2021

Visit Alexandria
"I wanted to let you know what a great job your crew did yesterday. Just really warm, helpful and efficient. The move went smoothly on both ends and they even added an extra stop for us when requested, and helped our CEO rearrange her office to accommodate a piece of furniture that initially seemed not to fit. Just a great experience all around. I will definitely recommend OMX to others. Well done and thanks!"

George H. September 2021

Mission Square Retirement
"I want to send a special thank you to the entire OMX team. I truly value all of your hard work and excellent customer service! You guys are always willing to go above and beyond. I look forward to having your team back onsite very soon."

Jennifer A. September 2021

Hogan Lovells
"I’ve managed countless moves for Hogan Lovells and this was one of the smoothest moves, if not the smoothest move I have ever been involved with. Trust was the most important factor for choosing OMX. There were a lot of moving parts to our move (things to dispose of, other things to be donated) and OMX handled all of this accurately and easily."

David M. August 2021

US Dept. of Homeland Security
"I have to say your OMX team was unbelievable. They were professional, responsive, hard-working, and above all, they were the best. All of my personnel were grateful for your team’s work. I would highly recommend your company to any agency that has to move. Thank you again."