Meet The Team: OMX White Glove

Our White Glove moving division handles, receives, inspects and stores inbound shipments on behalf of our clients as well as the final delivery and installation of high-end designer furniture. These custom projects are handled with the conscienscous care and precision by our incredible team of specialists John, Hakeem and Scott. Get to know these amazing men, how they got into the industry and more in the below Q&A:

photo of white glove team members

What is your current role at OMX?

John: I’m an Installer/Move Supervisor/Moving Truck Operator. I help install new furniture, supervise moving teams on various types of projects and drive the moving truck.

Hakeem: My role is an Installer/Move Supervisor/Moving Truck Operator. If it deals with moving, I do it!

Scott: I’m an Operations Supervisor, Warehouse Manager and Installer.


How long have you been in the moving industry?

John: I started working in the corporate moving industry 20 years ago.

Hakeem: I’ve been in the residential and office moving industry for 26 years.

Scott: I actually just started in this industry more than a year ago. I’ve done many personal moves throughout my life, but OMX is where my moving journey began.


How did you get into the industry?

John: I started working with family at a large, local office moving company. I gained a lot of experience moving businesses and it carried me over to my time working with OMX.

Hakeem: I started off working for myself and then was recruited by Office Movers in the early 90’s. Over the years I made great connections which landed me at OMX!

Scott: I previously worked with John and Hakeem at another company. Soon after they began at OMX they reached out to me to assist with some moving and installation jobs, and things evolved from there.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

John: I enjoy working with all the people I come across in our relocation work and doing the moves themselves. I just love what I do and like to see a project to completion while learning new skills along the way.

Hakeem: I enjoy installing because I like to problem solve. I truly like doing it all, there is something different to do every day.

Scott: I enjoy doing large installations with the White Glove division. It’s the best feeling to walk into an empty room and then leave having helped create something spectacular. I also have fun working with the designers. Also, I feel very valued at OMX and trusted by my cohorts. My ideas are listened to which makes a huge impact on me.


What’s the most memorable move project you’ve done?

John: Installs (installing designer furniture) in general are always interesting and different. I’ve learned so much about furniture styles and all the unique ways to assemble them.

Hakeem: Tiffany’s Jewelry had us take down a chandelier, worth about $1 million, in one of their stores. We had to uninstall it from the ceiling and build a specialized crate to prepare it for transportation. It was a clean job and was flawlessly executed.

Scott: Each project is truly memorable in their own way. They each present different creative ideas, and I enjoy seeing the final vision of them all.


What are your top strengths within the industry?

John: Problem solving. I can see a room and know the safest and best way to move the furniture.

Hakeem: My leadership and management skills are my strengths.

Scott: I’m a great problem solver on the fly, which comes in handy a lot in this job!


What types of things do you enjoy outside of moving?

John: I like playing poker with my friends and taking time to travel.

Hakeem: I’m always up for watching football and working on assembly projects around the house, like mounting a TV.

Scott: I love going biking and doing anything outside and active.


Do you have any pets?

John: I have a pet turtle named Steve.

Hakeem: I don’t have any pets currently, but I’d love a puppy one day. I’m thinking about hooking my home aquarium back up though.

Scott: No pets, but I use to have a loveable teacup Yorkie.


Tell me a little about your family.

John: My family is local to Maryland, and I have 5 kids- 4 boys, 1 girl (15 years and older). They keep me busy!

Hakeem: I’m local to the Maryland area and I have 2 girls (one working and one in middle school).

Scott: I was born in Canada and have 1 brother and 1 sister. I was in the army for 10 years doing satellite communications, but then moved down to Chevy Chase, MD where I have extended family.


Do you have a music artist or band?

John: I love listening to Red Essence, Bruno Mars and Jay-Z.

Hakeem: Gospel groups are my go-to.

Scott: I like the classic rock bands like the Beetles and AC/DC.


What’s your favorite movie?

John: Jason’s Lyrics; a 90’s action/romance.

Hakeem: Wells Fargo. I love all those old western movies and shows.

Scott: Zoolander, hands down!


Where is somewhere you like to visit, and where’s somewhere you’d like to travel to?

John: I love to go to Jamaica but would love to visit Columbia one day.

Hakeem: My favorite place to go is Los Cabos, Mexico, but would love to visit more of the states.

Scott: I’d love to go back to visit Nova Scotia, Canada, to the North Shore, and a goal of mine is to one day bike across Canada!  



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Customer Reviews

Office Movers Express

Customer Reviews

Andrew B. November 2023

The Armstrong Company
"It's such a pleasure to work with professionals that go the extra mile to make sure every move is as prefect as it can be. Thank you OMX for your commitment to Excellence!"

Nicole R. November 2023

Arrow Bookkeeping
"They really put our minds at ease and even made our move fun! Tim and his team were knowledgeable, friendly, professional and patient."

Mary S. November 2023

WETA Public Media
"We've been return customers for years because of quality service and a great team. Always careful in handling items, hard-working, proactively asking questions, raising better solutions, following our security protocols and easy to work with. Thank you!"

Daja C. October 2023

Integrated Community Services
"The team at OMX exceeded all of our expectations. It's clear they value their customers and prioritize effective communication. They went above and beyond."

Andrea A. August 2023

"I want to thank your team for helping us move the office furniture to the various WMATA locations. The movers did an excellent job and were very professional. They also did a great job taking safety precautions and were very accommodating to the WMATA staff."

Adrian W. August 2023

Burke & Herbert Bank
"Our project went very, very well thanks to the team at OMX. Extending my appreciation to all involved!"

Pennie M. May 2023

Stein Mitchell
"I am so glad I picked you guys as my movers, you were perfect."

Cheryl H. May 2023

US Department of Education
"The OMX crews were properly badged, fully informed as to the scope of work, and were given the necessary equipment and information to do the job in a professional manner. A job well done by all."

Dawn D. May 2023

Dynamic Design Enterprises
"The OMX team assigned to our relocation did an outstanding job. Everything on site was amazing! Tim and Mary Anne were wonderful with communicating clearly about what to expect during our move and answering all of our questions. What a great team of hard working folks at Office Movers Express - we were so impressed."

David T. January 2023

Tobin, O'Conor & Ewing
"Everything was great from start to finish. The moving team was very courteous and we appreciated your responsiveness throughout the whole experience."